A comedian will use his or her talents and resources to seize any opportunity to ensure that the audience is moving in the same direction with them. This is called the setup. The punchline occurs when the comedian changes that direction in a way the audience is not expecting. When a person realizes this change, they receive the punchline. The results are revelation, fulfillment and joy expressed through laughter.

    A similar process happens in life. A person’s setup is their talents, resources and opportunities.Most people use their setup to benefit themselves. They are moving the “audience” around them in a direction that benefits only themselves. The punchline occurs when people change that direction and instead of serving themselves, use their setup to serve others. These are punchliners—people who use their setup in a way that no one else is expecting to accomplish their God-given purpose and ultimately make a difference in this world.

    We mobilize, train, and engage punchliners through events, resource development, and by creating corporate & community partnerships.


    • Adults who are not actively engaged in meaningful service
    • Businesses that have a bottom line but not a punchline—they are not engaged in outward service
    • Nonprofit leaders who need people (volunteer) resources
    • Community revitalization/transformation organizations seeking to improve the lives of local residents
    • The marginalized of society, such as those who are impoverished, incarcerated or homeless

    Entertaining Minds to Change Hearts

    Red Blueprint, Inc. is a nonprofit organization which inspires and activates people into living a life of service to others.